Bridesmaids Dresses Trend of 2019 – A Blend of Comfort And Style

Customs like white gowns for brides, diamond rings for engagement, wedding registries, profligate receptions and more are a trend in the modern American wedding. Among all these customs many are just recent inventions made by the wedding fashion industry! However, few customs are in tradition from years such as matching bridesmaid dresses. This tradition began during the ancient Roman times when the idea of a bridal party first arose.

According to the ancient Roman tradition bridesmaid not only have to dress up like each other but also like the bride covering the altar with undistinguishable ladies so that the evil spirits get confused and could not harm the to-be-wedded couple! In short, it can be said that the bridesmaids were decoys!

Hence, bridesmaids are one of the vital parts of a wedding and are a visual element in supporting a bride. What they wear determines the tone of the entire wedding. The color chosen expresses the personal taste of the bride in a great way. Also, every bride wants to do something different to make her best friends look gorgeous! Also, this is where things get tricky! Getting unique and different bridesmaids dresses needs much imagination that only a reputed and experienced designer can have!

There are few considerations that you need to make while selecting the bridesmaids dresses such as you need to choose a color that suits every bridesmaid, the flowers you are considering for your wedding also helps in finalizing the color, do not forget to consider the shape and height of your maids, i.e. are they big busted or flat chested, have short height or long and likewise. The most important thing that you need to consider is that whatever style and color you choose must compliment you, the maids, the venue and the style of wedding.

Let us check out some of the bridesmaids dresses that are in trend.

Flutter Sleeves

Whether you have chosen a simple or embellished dress, a flutter sleeve can add a fun and vintage twist. Gowns in soft floral patterns and muted colors complement this romantic silhouette well. Fitted sleeves are gone with 2018 and 2019 brings you the flutter sleeves!

Jewel Tones

Jewel tones are being considered as the color palette of choice 2019. Therefore if you like indulgent and rich tones such as rich mustards, emerald greens, and royal blues, then you are going to love jewel tones.

Tied Shoulders

Tied shoulders are another trending fashion in the wedding industry. If you wish that your maids look elegant yet feel relaxed then tied shoulders bridesmaid dresses are just the perfect solution!

Wrap Dresses

If you want your bridesmaids to flaunt their curves and look sassy on your wedding day, then wrap dresses are just perfect. Elegant peaches and pastel tones can make even more swaying.

The Two Piece Dress

Two-piece bridesmaids’ dresses are in trend since years and still trending! However, the styles have kept changing, and this year in 2019 the comfortable, loose-fitting skirts and Boho lace tops are in the trend.

Tea Length

Long flowing bridesmaid’s gowns have become out of fashion trend with the introduction of the stylish and more practical tea length dress.

Besides these, there is one shoulder dress, dresses made of velvet fabric, cap-sleeved dress and more that have replaced the old traditional long gowns. You can also try out a mix and match bridesmaid’s dresses as well! Whatever you choose make sure that you choose the fabric that makes your maids comfortable and a color that suits all and goes according to the theme or venue of your wedding! Happy Shopping!