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Tips to Help You When Choosing Ecommerce Marketing Platform

The popularity of eCommerce has increased in the past years. Online sales will only increase in the future. Having an eCommerce site is vital if you are selling products and services. This will capitalize on sales growth. You have the option of hiring a web developer to help you start your business. However, the costs can have an impact on the growth of your business. You will save on time and money by choosing an eCommerce marketing platform. The challenge is that there are a lot of options available. This makes it overwhelming to choose the right one. Read on to know what you need to consider when choosing an eCommerce marketing platform.

The first thing to do is consider pricing and payment. It is important to know what you will pay. All platforms charge a monthly fee. The price will be determined by the platform you select. You can select a hosted or self-hosted platform. You should also consider the processing fees. You should not compromise the things that you need for a low price.

Make comparisons of different platforms to create a budget. You should put into consideration to how your customers are paying. There are some platforms that dont provide payment through third party vendors like PayPal. This could result in a significant inconvenience to your customers. You should first decide on the forms of payment you need to accept and consider this when comparing different eCommerce platforms.

It is important you consider the integration and plugins. Most platforms have a lot of tools you can use to run your business such as Shopify. Your business will determine the plugins that will work for you. There are some popular plugins like accounting plugins, email marketing tools and apps to assist in shipping your products. You need an eCommerce platform that is SEO friendly. This way your business will be ranked highly in search results.

Select an eCommerce platform that is mobile friendly. Most searches are done on mobile devices. The platform you choose should have exceptional customer service. Your clients may not get access to your business if there are software outages and server downtime.When your servers crash it can affect your revenue and brand image.Knowing that you have a person to call to get things running will be comforting.

Take a look at the customer service of every platform. They need to be available 24/7. Also, security is important when selecting an eCommerce platform. Nobody wants to enter their credit card details on a sketchy website. You need to go for a platform that provides support for HTTPS/SSL. This will ensure a secure and safe checkout. Ensure that the platform is Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant.

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