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Five Timelessly Sexy Shoes for Women

If you’re want to look sexy for an important night, don’t forget about shoes. Of course, that classic black dress will do much refining of your figure. The volumized tousled hair will add sophistication. But at the end of the day, remember, shoes seal the look. Loafers are nice and comfy, but they can easily destroy the total aesthetic.

Looking for the best pair to give your getup the best top off? These are five of your sexiest options:


In the kingdom of sexy shoes, stilettos reign queen. The super-thin heels sometimes make walking such a feat, but without a doubt, they make a woman feel empowered in such a unique way. Now the first stilettos ever go all the way back to the 1950’s, but you won’t believe how far they’ve come today – in every lady’s closet!


Espadrilles are shoes with those characteristic long laces found at their opening. But instead of tying them in a knot as you do with sneakers, you wrap them to the back just above your before tying them. How the shoes draw the eye up the leg is the whole point and is actually what makes them sexy. Best thing here is, they work both for daytime and nighttime.


Although platforms were a smash hit because of the Spice Girls mainly, they’re not about to leave their spot as one of the sexiest lady footwear. A stacked heel can indeed lend your outfit the same sexiness as any pair of stilettos you might have. Only difference is it will be easier to balance and control your weight while you walk. Stilettos force your feet into a sharp arch, so sometimes, they hurt. Platforms will give you height but without the pain or discomfort.

Sneakers with Heels

Heeled sneakers also make you taller just like stilettos and platforms do, but they offer something unique: added leg muscle definition. On top of that, they give you increased mobility and more stable foot support. This type of shoe is perfect for those basketball game dates where you can dress up without looking overdone.


Lastly, a sandal with high heels lets you bare some extra amount of skin. And that is sexy by itself (with good pedicure, of course). There’s something about a sandal heel and red nail polish on your toes.

Surely, any of these shoes can have your man swooning on your next date night. But remember that the ultimate reason for sexy remains your self-confidence.