What Are Your Favorite Autumn/winter Fashion Trends?

When the temperature drops, it is time to bring out the woolens. India is a country with mostly humid climate except in the north and hill stations. As autumn approaches and subsequently winter, you might feel that a complete change in the closet in need, especially if you live in a place that can get really cold.

If you’re a fashionista or someone who really likes to dress stylishly, then it would be wise to keep track of the current trends based on the season and spruce up your wardrobe accordingly. Sometimes you might find some of the trends already represented on your wardrobe. But you may also become aware of new ones. It’s not vital to embrace all the trends out there but it does help in keeping your wardrobe chic and fresh.

Choose the ones that work best for you as well as reflect your style and personality. Try not to play safe, and experiment by mixing and matching appropriately. If you’re open to suggestions, here are a few trends for autumn/ winter that could greatly enhance your wardrobe:

Sweats or Tees

They are pretty much never out of fashion. You will always find them to be ‘in’ for all seasons. Sweats can work wonders for autumn/winter. They keep you warm and snug as well as look stylish. You can team them up with jeans and/ or wear a T-shirt underneath. It is even better when they come with a hoodie. You can buy them from any store featuring Aeropostale in India . Not budget friendly? No problem, for you can avail them by thrift shopping online from an internet consignment store portal. As for tees, pair them up with a bomber jacket or mix it up with a cute skirt and sneakers during the autumn months.


Part coat, part cardigan, this fun piece of clothing is perfect for autumn weather. It’s chic, urbane and trendy. You can also don it for winter provided the weather not too chilly. You can wrap it over a tee and a good pair of jeans. It is warm, cozy and very comfortable. Is it too much on the wallet? The problem is solved by purchasing a fun coatigan from a second-hand clothing store that features pre-owned luxury clothes for a fraction of the original cost.


It is always reliable, come autumn and winter. A turtleneck sweater is the kind of apparel featuring a short round collar that fits snugly and thoroughly around your neck. It is a sweater with a very high neck which folds over. Want it for your closet during the autumn/winter months? You can pick it from any store featuring Ralph Lauren in India . They have an excellent collection of turtleneck sweaters featuring all sizes, colors, and patterns.


The temperature usually drops during autumn and much more during winter. It can also be windy. The windier it is, the chillier it seems. This is why having a scarf in your wardrobe as an autumn/winter essential is a wise move. It is extremely common apparel for this time of the year. It keeps you warm and snug as you wrap it around your neck. But you can also wear the scarf as a headgear if you want. It’s a nice accessory to keep the cold away and provides you with immense warmth.