A Quick History of Cannabis

The Various Jobs in the Cannabis Industry

It is a growing industry that you will see once you will look at the cannabis industry. It is because of this development that it also offered a lot of job opportunities. It is you that can choose from a number of different job opportunities out there.

When looking for a job in the cannabis industry then it is you that can choose to be a bud trimmer. It is during the harvest season that the bud trimmers will be cutting the marijuana plant by hand. It is also the responsibility of the bud trimmer to cut the excess foliage and buds is the plants. There is no formal education required once you will opt for this job.

A budtender is also another job opportunity that you can have in the cannabis industries. It is these individuals that are considered to be the frontline of the business. Dealing with customers on a daily basis is what these people will be doing. Guiding the customers through the process of buying are what they will also be doing. Having enough knowledge of the products that you are selling is a must in this job. It is also important for you to be sociable and outgoing.

Another job that you can also opt to have is an extraction technician. Once you want to become one then you will be making concentrates. It is your responsibility to turn marijuana plants into oils. It is also a detailed oriented individual that will be needed in this one since it will involve scientific techniques. Since you will be doing lab procedures that it is also important for you to be precise.

It is also a dispensary manager that you can opt to have. It is this position that will be taking a look at the overall operation of the cannabis shop. It is dealing with different tasks like interacting with vendors and law enforcement, managing inventory and dealing with product returns is what you will need to do if you are a dispensary manager. It is also the dispensary manager that will be training and managing the budtenders. It is also you that will ensure that the products that are being sold are the best and the safest.

It is also in the cannabis industry that you can also choose to be a gardener or a grower. It is the job of the gardener to overlook the cultivation of the marijuana plant. There are also assistant growers that take care of things like nutrient and humidity levels. The master grower is the one that also overlooks the work being done by the assistant growers. Taking care of the whole operation and training the crew is also a responsibility of the master grower.

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