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Rabbits are so important to the human life because of the meat they provide, the manure that they also provide for the growth of crops and many other benefits and thus making them crucial to every farmer. Hays are very important not only to the cattle and horses but also to the rabbits and feeding your rabbits with hay can greatly boost their health. The diet of your rabbit should always contain dried grass which is known as hay. Feeding your rabbit with hay greatly helps to ensure that its oral health as well as the digestive system health are greatly boosted and thus improving the well-being of the rabbit in general. For a complete rabbit’s diet, you must choose hay that contains all the components.

Some of the key things that hay for your rabbit should contain are discussed below. Fresh grass is something that hay for your rabbits can have and when buying hay, make sure that it contains fresh grass. There are so many ways of feeding your rabbit with grass and one of them is allowing the rabbit to graze freely. You can also cut the grass and scatter it around the rabbit’s pen. The other key hay’s component is dried grass which is fed to the rabbits, horses and cattle for their intestinal health. When buying hay for your rabbits, make sure that they have legumes, barley, wheat among other components to boost the health of your rabbit or any other grazing animal in your compound.

There are however some key things that you should take into account before choosing or buying hay for your rabbit. The following are some key characteristics of good hay for rabbit that can help you find the best hay for your rabbit as well as any other grazing animal like cattle, goat and horse. It is very important to make sure that you choose very quality hay for your animals.

Quality hay should contain enough fibre, protein and calcium for strong bones and teeth development. It is important to check the maturity of the hay if you want to get the best hay for your rabbit. To get mature hay, choose the one with flowered legumes and also with seed heads for grasses. Another great tip that you can take into account when choosing hay for your animal is the available content or the components making the hay where it should have all the necessary contents. Soft hays are the best for the efficiency in the consumption by the rabbit. Just like people, animals are also attracted to things that have good smell and hence important to avoid any hay that smells bad for your rabbit or any other grazing animal like a horse. The color of the hay should also be appealing to the animal.

Seed hays, occasional hays, variety hays and many other types of hays are popular to many farmers.

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