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The Edge of Influencer Marketing Compared to Other Strategies

The rise of influencers opened a new portal to discovering new markets and possibilities, which visionary marketers are taking advantage of. This has literally opened new means of interaction for brands and businesses. The world now is shifting to social media and there are increasing number of people who are looking at their fellow consumers in making informed decision of their orders.

Because of this, they are not just solely focused on the company itself but also, they are depending on each other and of course, to their idols, not celebrities but the influencers. What these influencers are doing is pooling all the people in their social media accounts regardless if it is YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and more.

If you are running a business and not checking what influencer marketing is about, then you’re making a big mistake. Following are just few of the many advantages that influencers can bring.

Number 1. Generate sales – it’s no brainer that influencers do generate sales and that’s the same reason why there are lots of brands that are jumping to the bandwagon. Influencers are capable of making sales within few hours right after discussing about the features of a certain product or beauty of a service. Depending on the length of campaign and following of the influencer, sales can experience a burst in a matter of weeks.

Number 2. Create good content – as per content creation, influencers are the kings and they can always deliver engaging and high quality piece of content. For both brands and businesses, this is music to their ears as they can have a user generated content from a third party source that is talking about their brand.

Number 3. Building brand awareness – basically, influencer marketing is the gap between market awareness and brand. Influencers have been proven to generate leads and sales while brand awareness that they are building is simply unmatched than traditional PR strategies. Given in today’s ecommerce space and highly saturated market, it is more important to build brand awareness and boost exposure of your company.

Number 4. They’re a trusted voice – are you aware that customers are likely to have faith on the opinion given by their peers than the actual brand itself. Therefore, partnering with influencers to spread your brand’s message will certainly be a huge success.

Number 5. They have influence and authority – after people have read a blog talking about a service or product, 84 percent of them are able to come to a decision on which product or service to get. This is the true power of influencers, sharing their opinions and ideas on their social media accounts be it a YouTube channel, a blog or whatever.

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