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Factors that Affect the Selection of the Best Commercial Exhaust Ventilation System

In any building, the ventilation system plays an important role. It is only ventilation that shall make any kind of commercial building suitable for occupancy. People, processes and products produce wastes into the air, which has to be cleaned out, and clean air brought in to support life. This is the work of an exhaust ventilation system in such buildings. You, therefore, need to get the right one for your specific building needs.

A good place to begin is with finding out what airflow rate works best for your rooms. When you understand the quantity of air needed to move through a room, you will manage to pick the right power rating for the fan. Airflow rate is stated as cubic feet per minute (CFM). Each fan shall come already rated with a specific CFM.
You then need to know more about the occupancy and area details. There are guidelines you shall get from the local authorities on how to go about this. You can check that out here.

There is also the issue of air change. There are several rooms in which you cannot expect the number of people in there to be fixed. This translates to more air being needed when that number fluctuates at a higher rate. More people in it means more fresh air is needed as more waste is released into the air. This calls for some powerful fans to change that air much faster. If the activities and people in there are not many, a slower fan will do.

There is also a need to factor in the ability of the fans to remove the heat in the room. You need this system to give off a cooler place to sit, apart from the cleaner and to breathe. If there are more people in there, you will need it to manage to cool things down well. This is also the case with areas where there is a lot of activities going on.

You then need to factor in the static pressure. Part of the effort these fans shall put in will go towards dealing with the static pressure in the room. This is why you need to make sure you go for fans that can handle the static pressure and still work to the specifications provided. The design of the system itself contributed to that pressure. A system designed with plenty of intricate and complex ductwork shall need to overcome more pressure from it. There shall also be the filters in there to consider.

You will find there are even more things for you to factor in when getting such a system for your premises. You will find out more about them on this site.

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